With less than a size of a baseball, pomegranate is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins that make it one of the famous superfoods. The name “pomegranate” actually comes from the word “apple” and “grenade”  in Latin because of how it looks like. Pomegranate is mostly imported from the Western countries to the Philippines and is often be recommend ladies to consume especially during red days.

Pomegranate doesn't call a superfood for no reason! Besides having rich fiber which can help with constipation, NCBI also has a study on the year 2020 stated about how pomegranate benefits our body. According to the study, regular consumption of pomegranate was proved to be beneficial to human health which can achieve to protect against or improve the course of several diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even some cancer types. 

We all know green tea is good in antioxidants but with this glittery ruby red food- pomegranate, you will need no more green tea. Pomegranate has 3 times the antioxidant activity of green tea with the compound- Punicalagins in it. That makes pomegranate a helpful role in keeping skin hydrated and anti-aging effect!

The punicalagin in pomegranate not just helps with anti-oxidant but also anti-inflammatory! In a journal from MDPI, pomegranate was proved to be effective in reduce and suppressing inflammatory to prevent further infections. With this powerful anti-inflammatory property, pomegranate is also proved to be a potential fruit to prevent the formation of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of existing cancer from an article by Urology of Virginia.

A study by PubMed has also observed the antifungals effect of pomegranate with the interaction the bacteria and yeasts. As result, they pointed out pomegranate does have the effect of antifungals that can be used to cure several infections includes Candida albicans- one of the most common vaginal infections. 

Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20930339/

Other than preventing infections, pomegranate can boost fertility for both men and women by increasing blood flow to the uterus, promoting the uterine lining. Pomegranate improves and balances the estrogen and progesterone levels in women. In another hand, it can also help in enhancing sperm quality and mobility, and erectile dysfunction problems of men too.

HH advocates women to have natural feminine care by using various natural plant extracts and essential oil integrate with patented formulas. So when HH found out about pomegranate’s variety of natural medicinal properties, we decided to use it in our feminine products to fully use its herbal medicinal effects.

We believe using herbs and plants can give more natural and gentle care for women's delicate intimate skin, and be able to raise confidence and self-love awareness with the shower of our mother nature about having a feminine hygiene routine. Loving yourself will never be a difficult thing, let us start from caring our delicate body💖


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