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Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

    Last modified: May 8, 2023


    Herb & Health (hereinafter referred toas HH) takes your privacy seriously. The following principles guide ourtreatment of your personal information:


    We value the trust you place in HH whensharing your personal information with us.

    We strive to be transparent with you aboutwhat personal information we collect, what we do with it, and to whom wedisclose it. We endeavor to work with you to address your concerns about how weuse your personal information. We strive to take steps designed to secure yourpersonal information and reduce the risk it will be misused.




    This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) describeshow Herb & Health (“HH,” “we,” “us”, or “our”) collects, uses, discloses,and otherwise processes personal information in connection with our websites,mobile applications, and other online services which link to or display thisPrivacy Notice (collectively, the “Platform”); our in-person interactions withyou (e.g., at an in-person event, etc.); and our other interactions with you(collectively, the “Services”). This Notice is not, however, a contract anddoes not create any legal rights or obligations.


    When we use the term “personal information”in this Notice, we mean information that identifies, relates to, describes, isreasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked,directly or indirectly, to you or your household. It does not includeaggregated or de-identified information that is not reasonably capable of beingassociated with or linked to you.




    Depending on how you interact with us andthe Platform, we may collect a variety of information, including:


    Contact Information, including your name,mailing address, telephone number(s), and email address.

    Payment Information, including yourcredit/debit card information and billing address.

    Shopping History, including informationabout the items you viewed, added to your cart, purchased, or returned.

    Information You Post, including informationthat you provide when using the Platform’s posting feature(s) and any otherinformation that you choose to make public on the Platform. Please note that wecannot control the actions of third parties who may have access to or collectinformation you choose to make public.

    Social Media Information, includinginformation that you post on our social media pages, your social media profileinformation, and information posted on your social media page(s).

    Information You Submit, including photos,videos, and other user-generated content that you choose to provide when yousend us a message through the “Contact Us” page, any chatbot, or similarfeatures on the Platform; information that we collect when you enter apromotion; and other information that you choose to provide during yourinteraction(s) with us.

    Audio Visual Information, including callcenter recordings and call monitor recordings, and voicemails. If you call intoour customer support center, then we may record your calls for qualityassurance purposes.

    Demographic Information, including yourbirthdate, age, gender, and zip code as well as information relating to yourlifestyle, routine, interests, and shopping behavior.

    Device and Browser Information, includingyour device type, browser type, operating system name and version, deviceidentifier(s), and IP address.

    Location Information, including yourapproximate location derived from your device’s IP address. If you are usingany of our mobile applications, please note that we may collect your personalinformation at any time the app is running in the foreground (i.e., fullyvisible on the screen) or in the background (i.e., not the focus on thescreen). Log and Usage Information, including the date and time you access thePlatform, the site you came from and/or the site you visit when you leave thePlatform, the frequency with which you access and use the Platform, the pagesthat you navigate to, links that you click, and other information about yourinteractions with the Platform.




    We collect your personal information in thefollowing ways:


    Directly from You. When you visit and usethe Platform or otherwise interact with us, we collect the personal informationthat you share with us. In particular, we collect personal information directlyfrom you when you:

    Register for an account on the Platform.

    Purchase products or services through thePlatform.

    Sign up to receive marketing andpromotional communications from us.

    Request a sample from us.

    Join a loyalty, rewards, or similar programor club administered by us.

    Participate in one of our promotional sweepstakes,contests, surveys, or focus groups.

    Use any of the services and featuresavailable on the Platform.

    Use a Platform feature such as taking aquiz or engaging with one of our analysis or assessment tools.

    Provide us with feedback or submit arequest to our Consumer Service team.

    Interact with our social media pages.

    Interact with us in-person (e.g., at anin-person event, etc.)

    Through Automated Means. When you accessand engage with the Platform, we automatically collect information about yourbrowser, device, and activity, including when you:

    Visit and navigate the Platform on anydevice.

    Enable location-based features on thePlatform.

    Click on sponsored links, social mediaadvertisements, or third-party advertisements.

    We (and our partners) may also use cookiesand other similar tracking technologies (e.g., pixels tags (or web beacons) andsoftware development kits (SDKs)) to collect information automatically when youuse the Platform. The information collected may include details about yourbehavior on the Platform, including how you move and scroll through thePlatform, your keystrokes, the links you choose to click, and how you interactwith forms. These technologies may also be used to collect information aboutyou over time and across different websites, mobile apps, and devices.


    From Third Parties. We may receive yourpersonal information from other sources. Our third-party sources may include

    -Our business partners, including companiesthat co-sponsor our promotions.

    -Our analytics and advertising partners,including online advertising networks and analytics providers.

    -Social media platforms, includingFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram. The informationwe receive from any social media platform is dependent upon its policies andyour settings on that platform.

    -Third-party sites, including those thatallow you to integrate your third-party account with your account with us.

    -Other individuals (e.g., your family,friends, or other personal contacts) who provide your personal information tous because they think you may be interested in our products and services orthey want to share a product or service with you.

    -Other companies that provide personalinformation to supplement what we already know about you, including dataaggregators. Certain third parties might link your name or email address toother information they have collected, such as your past online/offlinepurchases and your online usage information.

    Please note that we may combine personal informationthat we receive from various sources. For example, we may combine:


    Personal information that we collect fromyou offline with personal information we collect from you through the Platform.

    Personal information that we collect fromthe different devices you use to access the Platform.

    Personal information we receive from thirdparties with personal information we already have about you.

    We use, disclose, and protect combinedpersonal information as described in this Notice.




    We may use your personal information in thefollowing ways:


    To Provide and Manage the Platform and theServices. We use your personal information to provide, administer, and managethe Platform and our Platform features and as otherwise necessary to providethe Services and to operate our business.

    To Process and Fulfill Your Order(s). Whereapplicable, we use your personal information to process and fulfill your ordersand requests for our products or services. We may also use your personal informationto process your returns or inform you of any product recall.

    To Identify Usage Trends and MakeImprovements. We use your personal information to understand how you use thePlatform and identify usage trends. We also use your personal information toidentify issues, test new features or changes in our features, and improve thePlatform, the Services, and our products.

    To Understand Your Interests andPersonalize Your Experience. We use your personal information to help usunderstand which parts of the Platform and/or which of our products are ofinterest to you. We also use your personal information to customize orpersonalize your experience with us.

    To Communicate with You. We use yourpersonal information to communicate with you about your account or ourrelationship; to respond to your submissions, requests, and inquiries; and torequest information or feedback from you. We may also use your personalinformation to invite you to participate, and communicate with you about yourparticipation in sweepstakes, contests, surveys, or focus groups administeredby us or on our behalf. Additionally, from time to time, we may use yourpersonal information to send you important updates and communications aboutthis Notice and/or other applicable terms and conditions.

    To Determine Your Eligibility. We may useyour personal information to verify your identity or determine your eligibilityfor some of our products, services, and promotions. For example, this mayinclude verifying your age, date of birth, and city of residence.

    To Send You Marketing and PromotionalCommunications. We use your personal information to send you communications(including via email, text message, and push notification) and other materialswith information about new products and features and special offers. Thesecommunications and materials might be third-party offers or products we thinkyou might find interesting.

    To Conduct Research and Analytics. We useyour personal information to help us (and our service providers and partners)conduct research and analytics and to otherwise measure the effectiveness ofthe Platform’s content and our online and offline marketing and advertisingefforts.

    To Engage in Interest-Based Advertising. Weand our third-party partners use personal information gathered across multiplewebsites, devices, or other platforms to serve you relevant advertising on thePlatform or on other online services across the devices you may use.

    To Maintain Security and Prevent Fraud. Weuse your personal information to help monitor and maintain the security andintegrity of the Platform as well as our systems and networks. Additionally, weuse your personal information to detect; prevent; investigate; and protect you,our business, and others from fraud, unauthorized transactions, and otherunlawful or unsafe activity.

    To Satisfy Our Legal Obligations. We useyour personal information to comply with applicable law and respond to lawfulrequests and communications from law enforcement authorities and othergovernment officials.

    To Carry Out Sales and BusinessTransactions. We may use your personal information in connection with theevaluation, negotiation, and/or completion of a business transaction (e.g., amerger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or other saleor transfer of some or all of our assets), whether as a going concern or aspart of any bankruptcy, liquidation, or similar proceeding, in which personalinformation held by us is among the assets transferred or is otherwise relevantto the evaluation, negotiation, or completion of the transaction.

    As Otherwise Permitted, Necessary, orAppropriate. We use your personal information as otherwise described in thisNotice or as explained to you at the point of information collection. We willalso use your personal information at your direction or with your consent.Finally, we will use your personal information as we believe necessary orappropriate to protect our rights, privacy, safety, property, and/or those ofothers.




    In connection with one or more of thepurposes outlined above, we may disclose personal information from each of thecategories of information described in the “Collection of Personal Information”section above to the following categories of third parties:


    Our Affiliates. We may disclose yourpersonal information within the HH companies for purposes consistent with thisNotice and other business and operational purposes.

    Other Users of the Platform. We discloseyour personal information to other individuals who visit and interact with thePlatform. For example, we may display the personal information you post usingthe Platform’s features. We may also display publicly on the Platform thepersonal information you submit in connection with a promotion.

    Our Service Providers. We disclose yourpersonal information to service providers who perform services on our behalf.For example, this may include merchandise vendors and payment processors. Itmay also include companies that send emails on our behalf or help us operatethe Platform or provide the Services. Our service providers are restricted intheir use of personal information that we disclose to them.

    Our Business Partners. We disclose yourpersonal information to other companies with whom we partner to offer productsand services and carry out other related activities. For example, we maydisclose your personal information to a third party that co-sponsors a contestor promotion. We may also disclose your personal information to third partieswhose products or services may be of interest to you.

    Our Research Partners. We disclose yourpersonal information to our research partners, including those that performsurveys or research projects in partnership with us or on our behalf.

    Our Analytics Partners. We disclose yourpersonal information to our partners that assist us in performing analytics andhelp us measure the effectiveness of the Platform’s content and our online andoffline marketing and advertising efforts.

    Our Advertising Partners. We disclose yourpersonal information to third parties for advertising purposes, includingsocial media platforms, third-party advertising networks, and other partiesthat assist us in serving and optimizing our advertisements.

    Relevant Third Parties in Connection withBusiness Transactions or Reorganizations. We may take part in or be involvedwith a corporate business transaction, such as a merger, acquisition, jointventure, financing, or sale of all or a portion of our company assets. Ifanother entity acquires us or any of our assets, personal information that wehave collected may be transferred to such entity and its advisors leading up toand/or following the transaction. In addition, if any bankruptcy orreorganization proceeding is brought by or against us, personal informationthat we hold may be considered an asset of ours and may be sold or transferredto third parties.

    Competent Governmental and PublicAuthorities. We disclose your personal information as necessary pursuant to acourt order or subpoena or to cooperate with a government agency orinvestigatory body request.

    Other Parties. We disclose your personalinformation to other parties at your direction or with your consent. If you arethe winner of a sweepstakes or other contest, we may also disclose yourpersonal information to anyone who requests a winner’s list. Finally, wedisclose your personal information to other parties as we believe necessary orappropriate either to: (i) comply with applicable law; (ii) protect ouroperations and those of any of our affiliates; (iii) investigate and preventagainst fraud; (iv) protect our rights, privacy, safety, or property and/orthose of others; or (v) allow us to pursue available remedies or limit damagesthat we may sustain.

    We may disclose your personal information forother reasons that we will describe at the time of information collection orprior to disclose your information.


    Please note that we may de-identify oraggregate personal information so that it will no longer be considered“personal information” and disclose such information to other parties forpurposes consistent with those described in this Notice.




    The Platform is intended for adults. We donot knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of16 through the Platform. In the event that we learn that we have inadvertentlycollected personal information from a child under age 16, we will delete thatinformation as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have collectedpersonal information from a child under 16, please contact us at hh.herbhealth.ph@gmail.com.




    Cookies & Other Tracking Technologies


    We automatically collect certain types ofusage and device information when you visit and interact with the Platform,read emails sent by us or on our behalf, or otherwise engage with our content(including our advertisements).


    We (and our partners) typically use cookies(i.e., small text files sent from a website and stored on your device), pixeltags (or web beacons), and other similar tracking technologies to collect thisinformation. These tracking technologies may collect information about yourbrowser, device, and browsing activity, such as your IP address, browser type,device type, unique IDs assigned to your device, the date and time of yourvisit to the Platform, the site from which you came and the site that you visitafter leaving the Platform, and information about the way you engage with thePlatform and our content (e.g., the pages on the Platform that you visit, howfrequently you access the Platform, whether you open emails or click the linkscontained in emails sent by us or on our behalf, whether you access thePlatform from multiple devices, the products you view and click on, and similaractions you take on the Platform).


    We (and our partners) use informationcollected through cookies and other similar tracking technologies for variouspurposes, including to:

    -remember that you are logged into thePlatform and enable certain functionality;

    -provide you with personalized content andinformation, including targeted content and advertising;

    -recognize you across multiple devices, ormonitor aggregate usage metrics relating to the Platform, such as total numberof visitors, the dates/times visitors accessed the Platform, the pages visitorsviewed, and demographic patterns of our visitors); and

    -otherwise enhance the Platform and youruser experience.

    Your browser may give you the ability tocontrol cookies or other tracking technologies or to reject cookies.

    Because the options you select relating tocookies and other tracking technologies are browser and device specific, youmust exercise your choices on each browser and device you use.

    For more information about cookies,including how they work and how to manage them, please visitwww.allaboutcookies.org. To control flash cookies, which we may use on certainwebsites from time to time, you can go here.


    Interest-Based Advertising


    We engage in interest-based advertising todeliver online, relevant advertising to you. We also permit third-party onlineadvertising networks, social media companies, and other third-party services tocollect information about your use of the Platform over time so that they maydisplay advertisements tailored to you both on the Platform and on third-partyonline services and across the devices you may use.


    Typically, though not always, theinformation used for interest-based advertising is collected through cookies orother similar tracking technologies. We may also provide certain identifiers(such as an email address or user ID) or hashed data to our third-partyadvertising partners to help identify you across devices or serve you relevantadvertisements on social media platforms you may use. In addition to servinginterest-based advertisements, our third-party partners may use personalinformation to deliver certain advertising-related services, such as reporting,attribution, analytics, and market research.


    Google Analytics and Advertising


    We use Google Analytics to betterunderstand how users interact with the Platform. For information on GoogleAnalytics’ information handling practices and how you can control the use ofinformation sent to Google, please visit:www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/. To disable Google Analytics, pleasedownload and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-On, which isavailable here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/.


    We may also utilize certain forms ofdisplay advertising and other advanced features through Google Analytics, suchas Remarketing with Google Analytics, Google Display Network ImpressionReporting, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and Google AnalyticsDemographics and Interest Reporting. These features enable us to usefirst-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-partycookies (such as the DoubleClick or Google Dynamic Remarketing advertising cookie)together to inform, optimize, and display advertisements based on your pastvisits to the Platform. You may control your advertising preferences or opt outof certain Google advertising products by visiting the Google Ads PreferencesManager, currently available at: https://google.com/ads/preferences or byvisiting the NAI opt-out tool linked to above.


    Member can access their authorized name andemail information at any time through our website membership account, solelyfor the purpose of managing their store membership and order details.

    The store,upon the member's request, may submit a request for the deletion or cessationof the use of their personal information through the contact channel in theupper right corner of the store's website.

    For anyrelated inquiries, please email to hh.herbhealth.ph@gmail.com


    We provide you with the ability to makecertain choices about how we use your personal information. Additional detailsare below.


    Marketing and Promotional Communications:You can opt out of receiving marketing and promotional communications from usat any time. Note that even if you opt out of receiving marketing andpromotional communications from us, you will still receive non-marketing or transactionalmessages from us, including messages about your account and responses to yourinquiries. To opt out of receiving our marketing and promotionalcommunications, you can:


    Send us an email at hh.herbhealth.ph@gmail.com

    Call us at +886 4-2482-0716

    Followthe instructions included in any promotional emails or text messages that youreceive from us.