I believe that all girls always want to exude a charming fragrance all over their bodies, even the intimate part no exception!

Today I'm going to tell you what may cause the odor to spread from the intimate part!

1. Asparagus

Do you feel that the pee is smelly every time after eating asparagus?

This is because when the body digests the asparagus, the components in asparagus will be broken down into "sulfur substances"

It is considered a volatile gas, so it has a relatively heavy smell!

"Elite Daily" even pointed out that the gas can make the body's liquid smell unpleasant, such as secretions.

2. Mushroom

The polysaccharide in mushrooms has a protective effect on the stomach, but it is very easy to combine with the water in the body.

The fusion causes the smell to easily remain in the body. If you eat too much, it is indeed easy to have the smell of secretions!

3. Spices

Spices tend to have a strong smell. A columnist abroad once shared that after eating curry, she smells the difference when doing the shy thing with her boyfriend.

4. Red meat

Do you feel the same "what!" as I do?

Sari Locker, a sex expert at Columbia University, once pointed out that eating meat will make her intimate part taste "salty".

It will also make the body odor worse!

5. Coffee

Acidic coffee may change the pH of the intimate area!

According to the research and experience of sexologist Dr. Jessica O'Reilly. The patients who came into contact with had intimate scents become bitter due to caffeine or cigarettes.

Hmm… It looks like everyone needs to be careful with the above foods!

Although each person have different living habits, but in order to be the little princess who has fragrant all over the body, it is better to eat less~

I will tell you aside from the above-mentioned foods that may affect intimate produce unpleasant odors, what to eat to maintain a just right and even fragrant smell?

1. Acidic fruits(pineapples,  oranges, etc.)

Everyone should have heard that eating pineapple will make your intimate smell good!  In fact, citrus fruits are also one of them.

The principle is the same as that of coffee changing the pH value of intimate parts. Pineapple is rich in vitamins and microorganisms, which help to maintain a "weak acid environment".

2. Celery

Although many people don't like it, the vitamin C and moisture in celery can keep us away from having a bitter taste.

3. Yogurt

Probiotics are good bacteria, they can fight against the bad bacteria, enhance protection, and avoid odors in intimate areas.

4. Plain water

It's okay to drink more water. Water not only improves the circulation of the body but also help to improve body odor~

The above are the tips for improving intimate part's smell in diet~In addition, wearing some ventilation, not tight pants can also help.

I also recommend your "the intimate spray" to help keep your intimate healthy and fragrant!

#HH Odor Soothing Spray

This small bottle contains lactic acid, yeast extract, and yogurt extract (yes, the yogurt mentioned above!)

Up to 4-5 good bacteria can help intimate to maintain a healthy pH.

Other than being added with good bacteria, there are also ingredients that disintegrate odors, and various scents prepared with natural essential oils available for you to choose from:

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This soothing spray is light and convenient can always be put in the bag, if you have a peculiar smell and itching when you are out, just spray it to solve the problem~

You can spray whenever you want such as when your intimate area is itchy, has a peculiar smell, before and after intimacy, after the toilet, hot spring even after exercising!

The method of use is very simple, just spray it directly on the intimate area or on underwear or sanitary napkins

If you are not used to it, you can let it absorb for a while, and then use toilet paper to absorb excess water!

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