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First, I want moms to ask yourself a question: Do you ever miss the times before becoming a mother of a child or a wife of a man? I bet many of you did and always do. People have been talking about self-love, but I think moms are the ones who need to have self-love the most. There is no office hour in the career of “mom”, they devote all of their love and passion to family but forgot to keep some for themselves. “Self-love is far from a weakness. This definition is appropriate. A person who knows how to love himself properly can do everything else properly.” — Edward Frederick Lindley Wood Being a mom is exhausting but happy, but you can’t do well in parenting or EVERYTHING if you are exhausted. Self-love means you need to give yourself a break and treat yourself well, it is an appreciation to yourself. There will be a balance point for you to enjoy life while being a mom. Remember, happy mom, happy family! Stress is also the most common mental issue for moms, APA survey in 2011 shows that married women have a higher stress level, with one-third (33%) reporting that they have experienced a great deal of stress in the past month compared with one in five (22%) of single women. And the pandemic happens since 2020, the stress level of moms especially the working moms increased significantly due to job and family issues. Source: There are many ways to coping with stress but the best way is to find someone you can talk to! There are some recent research has revealed that emotional expression can promote well-being in individuals who are under stress. And the emotional support from same-gender friends can be more helpful than friends of the opposite sex(includes spouse). Besides best friends, moms' community can also be a great choice too, sharing some "mom stuff" or you might get enlightened by them too. It’s important to have someone to back you up! According to a study, the researchers examined over 80,000 moms upon satisfaction of relationship and self-esteem before and after giving birth(s). And they found out that moms’ self-esteem declined but relationship satisfaction remained steady during pregnancy. However, the body image after labor also gives a great impact on the self-esteem of moms.  Source: Moms have low esteem especially when they push too much on being a “good enough mother”. However, there is no perfect mother in this world! You have to live in present and don’t blame yourself if something went wrong with parenting, no one is born to be a mother. Be grateful for what you have but not focusing on your mistakes. Dear, it’s fine to make mistakes, this is just a process you need to go through being a mom.  News-PressNow stated a study in the journal Pediatrics, moms, especially new mothers, tend to allow themselves neglect of their own health and needs while taking good care of the needs of the family. Besides getting out of shape in body image, the health of moms is also affected since pregnancy, that's why they needed more rest and recuperate even after labor. But moms are always busy taking care of family and kids, they often neglect their health issues while pouring all their love and concentration on the family.  Moms get lost easily in who they are originally in this hectic parenting life. What they truly love, their goals, dreams are all replaced by family. HH hopes there will be a moment in every day that moms can finally back to who they really are. Enjoy some peace of mind that they deserve, even it’s just 30 minutes a day. Moms always make sure everyone is taken care of but this should be including herself too. 💖Take your HH Self-love test, and know what's the best set to love yourself💖
Geranium was originally grown in sunny South Africa, its bright and colorful appearance is popularly loved by gardeners. Although Geranium has various kinds of species but most of them are only ornamental, only a few of them can be used to produce Geranium essential oil. The precious Geranium essential oil can be distilled from its flower, leaves and stems. Besides gardening, Geranium is also widely be used in making perfumes and cosmetics. It is also commonly be used in being a traditional medicine as Geranium was shown to contain antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal activities and acaricidal effects according to research by Research Gate(a professional researchers community). Inhale Geranium essential oil can significantly help in relieving stress, depression and anxiety from research from NCIB and is recommended to be used during labor to reduce the anxiety of mommy. Dr. Axe also points out that Geranium essential oil can be used as a natural and safe tool to improve your skin, mood and internal health.  Source: A study by Japanese researchers stated that aromatherapy using Geranium essential oil can stimulate the secretion of salivary estrogen concentration in perimenopausal women which can help with the health-related issues caused by the declining levels of estrogen during menopause.  The great antibacterial effect of Geranium essential oil can also play part in fighting vaginal candida from a study of PubMed. They found out that the Candida cell growth was suppressed and decreased significantly when Geranium essential oil was used combine with vaginal washing. – Look how perfect Geranium essential oil is to be used in the HH 360° Feminine Care kit! HH determine to give all the women the best and most relaxed feminine care they will ever have with fine quality essential oil. We believe self-love comes from the right ways to treat yourself well, and feminine care is one of the ways!  Having Geranium essential oil in our products is definitely the right choice with all those researches of its benefit on mentally and physically. Feminine care is more than staying hygiene but also a great relaxation and appreciation to ownself. 👉Click To Know More On Essential Oil 👉Click To Know More On Bergamot Essential Oil 👉Click To Know More On Ylang-ylang Essential Oil HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash with Geranium Essential Oil HH Odor Soothing Spray with Geranium Essential Oil HH Whitening Serum with Geranium Essential Oil    
Essential oils commonly are used in aromatherapy, scented candles and etc. However, essential oils have been used in folk medicine throughout history. Now you can see they are still widely used and loved today because of their aromatic scents and awesome medicinal effects. Essential oils can be extracted from many parts of a plant- roots, flowers, stems, seeds, leave, fruits and etc. There are several methods to get these organic liquid compounds, but distillation is the most common ones.    Many people might question why is it so expensive with just a small bottle of natural essential oil. Here is why: only 1kg of natural essential oil can be extracted from 500kg petals. Thing is valued when it is rare! When it comes to putting lots of budget into processing only a little amount of essential oil, the price rise eventually by its precious. The high cost prompted many products to start using a much lower-cost alternative, chemical fragrance. However, the price of using it is the harm to our bodies. The chemical fragrance is made from several chemicals ingredients and it is often be found in body care, cosmetics, household products.  👉Click Me To Know More About Chemical Fragrance👈     According to the study "Fragranced consumer products: exposures and effects from emissions" by veteran fragrance chemical researcher Anne Steinemann, PhD published on the year 2016, shows that 34.7% of people in the USA was reported to have health problems when exposed to chemical fragrance. Using products that contain chemical fragrances can lead to skin irritation, a higher risk of having respiratory disease, cancer, and many other diseases.   Source:   So, using natural essential oils made fragrance products is very important to our bodies. An article "Health Benefits of Essential Oils" by WebMD (a health website, contents made by doctors and health experts) points out that how essential oils can help with people's health, such as stress reduction, fungal infection, sleep aid, and disease prevention.     Besides that, there is also a study "Restoring women's vaginal health with the simple use of essential oils and vegetable oils" in the year 2016 by Mara Doljak shows 498 million people aged 15 to 49 worldwide are infected each year with several vaginal infections and using the combination of various natural essential oils (Geranium, Chamomile, and etc.) can help to ease the symptoms providing clear medical tests of the vaginal flora.  The medical and aromatograms properties of these ingredients prove their health benefits. The sociological results of improving women's vaginal health are higher creativity, less depression, better overall health, better sexual life, better motherhood, healthier family – the results of which bring us towards promoting a healthy society. – Natural essential oils can act as a natural odor-blocker, effectively deodorize in a gentle and skin-friendly way. They are also good in anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation, and moisturizes intimate skin. HH uses up to 30 types of natural essential oils in developing our products, fully incorporates each of their unique medical effects. Moreover, HH invited ISIPCA perfumer to modulate every scent of our products with natural essential oils.   With the use of these natural and powerful essential oils, feminine care is more than just care for your body. But also an absolute relaxation and enjoyment to you, mentally and physically. HH hope to give our customer the best and gently care for you and your delicate intimate area.   👇Know more about HH Feminine Hygiene Series👇  
Guess most of you are very familiar with ylang-ylang, it is a plant native from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Java these tropical South-east Asia country. The name “Ylang-ylang” actually comes from Tagalog which means “flower of flowers”. Ylang-ylang essential oil has a unique flowery and rich scent which is very much loved by perfumers, even the popular perfume- Chanel No.5 uses Ylang-ylang essential oil as its top note! That’s is why Ylang-ylang is also known as “perfume tree". You guys might know different essential oils give different effects on people mentally and physically. According to a study by ScieLo from Brazil, they point out using ylang-ylang essential oil for aromatherapy gives not just a great scent but also have a huge soothing mental tension effect. It can help in negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety or panic and boost up self-esteem effectively. Source: When ylang-ylang essential oil calms your nerve systems it is also stabilizing your body’s condition which further urges your body to lower the blood pressure and antispasmodic. Besides that, research from the University of Nevada also shows that linalool, germacrene and etc substances that contain in ylang-ylang contribute an excellent antibacterial property.  With its excellent medicinal effect, ylang-ylang was common to be used to treat cuts and wounds in the Philippines. A study by the National Center of Biotechnology Information states ylang-ylang can also treat infections in internal organs such as one of the most common vagina infections- Candida albicans. Besides that, ylang-ylang can also helps in balancing women’s hormones, nourishing the female reproductive system, so it is also be called “tonic for vaginal”. It is mentioned to be famous for increasing sexual desire as a folk remedy in an article by the Healthline, often encourage to be used for couples who are preparing to have kids! – Remember the bergamot essential oil that we mentioned on our last blog? It is one of the perfect match essential with ylang-ylang essential oil! HH wants to empower women with the gift from mother nature- Natural Essential Oil. HH believes having feminine care routine should be a delightful enjoyment. Women should have feminine care after a long day, taking a good bath with great feminine care before sleep or even at anywhere anytime! HH uses up to 30 kinds of 100% natural essential oil, combines the strengths of each essential oil to create the most natural and aromatic products for our customers. Having protection for women's delicate intimate area with essential oils absolutely is a plus in feminine care. Every woman deserves the best feminine care, this is what HH has been pursuing. 👉Click To Know More On Essential Oils 👉Click To Know More On Bergamot Essential Oils   HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash with Ylang-ylang Essential Oil   HH Odor Soothing Spray with Ylang-ylang Essential Oil HH Whitening Serum with Ylang-ylang Essential Oil      
What is the wake-up scent? Bergamot is the Answer. Always feel anxious and Tense? Bergamot Essential Oil might be your solution. Bergamot is a citrus fruit native to the Mediterranean. It is believed to have originated in southern Italy. The fruit of bergamot is approximately orange, green to lemon-yellow when mature. Although the fruit is sour, the aroma of the essential oil extracted from the fresh peel is very sweet. The most recognizable source of this little-known citrus fruit may be one of the delightful condiments in Earl Grey. Bergamot essential oil supports a healthy nervous system, cardiovascular system, and cognitive function. It can also calm the nervous system and soothe muscles. Like other citrus essential oils, it contains a high concentration of uplifting and calming ingredients. Therefore, bergamot is an ideal essential oil, which can be used to help relieve anxiety and sadness, and it can also achieve soothing effects when tension is high. According to the Complement Med Res "Complementary Medicine Research"[1] published in 2015, bergamot essential oil can also improve bad mood and fatigue, and reduce the "saliva cortisol level"[2]. In this cross-over study, 41 healthy women were subjected to the endocrine, physiological and psychological effects of steam inhalation of bergamot essential oil. After the subjects sniffed bergamot essential oil for 10 minutes, the values of the State Trait Fear Scale and the Fatigue Self-Check Sheet were significantly reduced. Specific changes in cortisol levels are related to abnormal adrenocorticotropic hormone levels, depression, and stress, as well as low blood sugar, disease, fever, trauma, fear, pain, and extreme temperatures that can cause physiological reactions due to stress. The incident is related. Source: Bergamot essential oil can release depressed feelings and anxiety, and restore a stable mental state. It can be used when you are depressed, overly excited, worried, or depressed. Source:   [1] Karger Journal, 2015, Vol.22, No. 1 [2] "Saliva Cortisol Level" Cortisol is one of the adrenal cortex hormones, which can control carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism and protein metabolism. Although it is an essential hormone for the human body, it plays an important role in coping with stress. When we feel stressed, Its concentration increases within a few minutes, but only returns to its initial level after a few hours, so it is also called "stress hormone". – We hope that women not only clean and maintain the intimate area but also relax their emotions. To achieve the goal of physical and mental health at the same time, we choose those essential oils which help calm the anxiety and soothe the tension while we fixed the scent. Moreover, we selected the essential oils which are mainly based on high-quality and large-yield essential oils. That’s the reason that bergamot essential oils always be used in such as HH cleanser for balancing pH value, HH spray for soothing stuffiness and itchiness for daily use and HH serum for moisturizing and firming intimate skin. 👉 Click To Know More On Essential Oils HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash with Bergamot Essential Oil HH Odor Soothing Spray with Bergamot Essential Oil HH Whitening Serum with Bergamot Essential Oil
Studies show over 70% of women have experienced vaginal infections (BV, yeast infection, STD), and this reminds us that women should take better care of the hygiene of the lady parts. Infections usually happen on women who are having a weak immune system, poor hygiene bites, or have been having a hot and humid environment down there (wearing tight pants, long sitting…) -Infection- It’s normal to have an odor on your “cookies” but not the fishy one! A fishy odor is one of the common signs of having infections, and it often comes with itchiness and irritations like burning, vagina pain, or even abnormal discharge! Your vagina resides in a warm, and dark place that is a perfect breeding environment for bacteria! So, the imbalance or overgrowth of the bacterium in the vagina will be one of the main reasons you are getting an infection!  So having proper feminine hygiene can be a great precaution from infections. -Antibacterial- Some might stand for “Clean water is enough for your vagina”. However, a proper and gentle antibacterial formula will be a “plus” in your daily hygiene care especially for those women who can get infections easily! What is Quaternium-73? Quaternium-73 is an antibacterial formula that is rated as Score 1 by the EWG. That makes Quarternium-73 an excellent antibacterial formula without harming our bodies! In terms of anti-bacteria and anti-fungi of various kinds, Quaternium-73 is more effective than paraben methyl ester. The studies also show that using Quaternium-73 has a very low rate of inducing cancer, developmental &reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicity. The scale of Quaternium-73: Source: While EWG is a well-known non-profit environmental group that is formed by several fields of experts (data experts, lawyers, scientists and etc.) and aims to educate consumers with actionable information and inspire demand for safer products! They grade the ingredients with hazard scores from 1 to 10, the smaller the number the best the ingredient is!   Source: It is also be proved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan. With the gentle hypoallergic characteristics, Quaternium-73 also helps in anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. That is perfect to use as an antibacterial formula legally in manufacturing cosmetics and care products! Source: Our vagina does have its cleaning system and antibacterial will also be a helpful role especially for those who suffer infections easily! Feminine hygiene is important BUT overcleaning will break the balance of its pH level. The lactobacillus in the vagina maintains a good bacterial balance under the weak acid environment. Improper cleaning will cause the pH of the vagina will be too high and reduces the antibacterial ability, so sometimes overcleaning will also cause Vaginal infection. – Having a balanced pH level on your lady part is important too! HH has put a lot of effort into finding the perfect match formulas that can have both properties- antibacterial & balance pH level. After a long period of study, HH decides to use the combination of Quarternium-73 and 5 mild-acidity formulas (yeast extract, lactic acid, Leuconostoc, sodium acetate, and yogurt extract) in manufacturing our HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash. This is why one of our best sellers- HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash contains such gentle & excellent antibacterial function yet suitable for our delicate intimate part! HH also uses natural plant extracts that can help in moisturizing and anti-inflammatory skin, such as oats, aloe vera, silver needle white tea, etc. To satisfy everyone’s preferences, HH specially invited perfumer from ISIPCA to modulate 3 different scents by using up to 30 natural essential oils. Other than the effort on scents, HH also added a special mint-like cooling sensation formula in the Citrus Cool scent, extra freshness on hot days! While the skin of intimate areas is more delicate than other skin parts, HH insists on not using irritating ingredients: PARAben, SLS, SLES, soap, chemical fragrances, and artificial coloring. “Feel natural, feel easeful!”- HH Herb & Health promised to give our customers natural and gentle feminine care.    
Products in “good scent” are very common to see in our daily life, in skincare, beauty products, or even household cleaning products. But do you know where did the good scent come from? I can tell you they are mostly from chemical fragrances. It's important to know more about chemical fragrance since it occupies your daily life so much! Know the differences between natural essential oil and chemical fragrance Natural essential oil is well known for comforting our mental tension, purifying the air, and other medicinal values, so it is often be used in SPA or aromatherapy. It is the extraction from the different parts of the plant. However, the chemical fragrance is made of various chemicals which come from petroleum or crude oil that produce the desired scent and it ONLY gives scent. The color of natural essential oil will mostly be transparent, yellowish, or brown; the color/scent slightly changes in different seasons or temperatures. We can often see the clear price differences of the products made by natural essential oil and chemical fragrance. That is because the raw materials that use chemical fragrance in manufacturing products are way cheaper than using natural essential oil. Why should we avoid using chemical fragrances? Serious Diseases About 95% of the chemical fragrances on the market are made from "petroleum", which contains lots of toxic chemicals that can link to cancer. The chemical fragrance includes hormone-disrupting phthalates, it will also lead to birth defects and central nervous system systemic diseases under long-term use. Breathing Difficulties For those who have asthma, you need to be more careful with the chemical fragrance. As it can cause worsen or induce your asthma with the chemical in it. Some kids or people having sensitive respiratory tracts can be caught breathing difficulties while they are exposed to chemical fragrances. Allergic/ irritation reactions Some studies point out that the chemical fragrance in skincare is mostly the main reason for you to get allergic or irritation reactions! The stimulating ingredients will decrease the self-repair ability, this will affect most people with sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, or rosacea dermatitis. – This is the reason HH has been insisting on using over 20 natural essential oils in HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash and Odor Soothing Spray despite its high price as the ingredients. HH wants to fully use the benefits of natural essential oils in our product- skin-friendly, relaxing aromatic scent and several medicinal uses(moisturize, anti-inflammatory, deodorize).  To satisfy our customers with their preference scent, HH specially invited the ISIPCA perfumer to modulate our scents of the HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash and Odor Soothing Spray with the natural essential oils. HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash: It contains the antibacterial formula (Quarternium-73) and mild acidity formula that keeps your intimate area clean and pH balanced! And the special added cooling sensation formula on the scent Citrus Cool, you will experience a whole new world of refreshing with it during hot days!   Odor Soothing Spray: It has 3 the same scents as HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash with another extra 2 scents.  This will definitely be your best friend when you are out for dates with its compact and special inverted nozzle. Keep yourself smells good and extra care for your intimate part even you are not at home! Besides using natural essential oils, HH also insists on using natural plant extract for moisturizing, antiinflammatory, and soothe discomfort. And does not use stimulating ingredients such as Paraben, SLS, SLES, alcohol, or soap! HH aims to give the most natural care and love to every woman, we believe feminine care is also a form of self-love! Taking good care of your body is important too, don't forget to pamper yourself 💖        
Sobrang nakakamangha! Worth it ang pagbili ko rito. Hi Ladies! Pag-usapan natin ngayon ang tungkol sa ating vagina at h’wag tayong mahiya na pag-usapan ‘to. Afterall, normal naman sa atin mga babae ang magkaroon ng amoy sa ating ibaba– lalo na kapag may period tayo. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na wala na tayong gagawin tungkol doon lalo na kapag umaamoy ‘to. But no worries, I got you, sis. Let me take this girl-talk as an opportunity. I-sha-shre ko sa inyo ‘yong personal experience ko about personal hygiene sa ating ibaba at pati ‘yong mga na-i-research ko kug paano natin alagaan ang ating intimate area.  Naniniwala ako na kapag masyadong mainit ang panahon or kapag may period tayo– ‘yong amoy, ‘yong pangangati, t’yong discomfort, etc. ng ating intimate area is a big no no. Nakakainis ‘yon, ‘di ba? Lao na ‘yong amoy. I feel you, sis! Pero ano ba ‘yong nakakapagbigay sa intimate area natin ng masamang amoy? According to everydayhealth– poor hygiene, diet, sweating, douching, forgotten or stock tampon, sexually transmitted infection like Trichomoniasis, and an infection called Bacterial Vaginosis are the most common reasons. For the last two I mentioned, kailangan niyong magpatingin sa doktor kung tingin niyo na ito ang cause–  but for the other reasons, kaya ko kayong tulungan d’yan. Aside from practicing proper hygiene, iwasan natin kumain ng pagkain na may malakas na amoy (at least for the meantime), magsuot ng malinis na undies (of course!), at siguraduhin natin na pinapalitan natin ang sanitary napkins or tampons. At may isang bagay akong ginagamit para iwasan ang pangangamoy ng intimate area ko. I would like you all to try it too. It’s HH Herb and Health — an excellent feminine brand from Taiwan🇹🇼. It is very safe to use with international certification that you can quality trace. Also, their name is something to remember. Herb and Health means they use natural ingredients and have eliminated harmful substances– in short, like I said, very safe to use and pro-health. Now, which HH Herb and Health feminine care products I recommend? Lahat sila actually, but for our intimate area’s odor– HH odor soothing spray is the key! Dala ko siya palagi na parang feminine area deodorant siya dahil advisable siyang gamotin 1 spray every time na pupunta tayo sa toilet. Tingin niyo OA? Hindi! Kasi ito ‘yong na-realize ko… Noong una ko siyang ginamit, isang linggo pa lang may nakita na agad akong pagbabago. Inalis niya talaga ‘yong masamang amoy sa ibaba ko. Also, 1 bottle lasted very long for me– like 3 to 4 months. Sobrang nakakamangha! Worth it ang pagbili ko rito. Meron pa ladies! Here’s what makes HH Odor Soothing Spray even greater:  ✨A healthy intimate area’s pH level is around 3.5-4.5, so using a matching pH level feminine hygiene product is a must. HH Herb and Health has lactic acid, leuconostoc, yeast extract, yogurt extract, and allantoin that balance our pH level. ✨Paano niya pinipigilan ang amoy? It uses Fish mint, a plant extract that blocks strong odor. ✨It has 5 fragrances you can choose from, all designed by ISIPCA professional perfumers. And all of them don't have any chemical fragrance and only added natural essential oil for safer odor protection. ✨One of the spray fragrances called Citrus Coo– which is my favorite by the way–  has this cooling effect. Perfect para sa mga naiirita sa ibaba nila kapag may period sila.  ✨It’s compact design is handy and allows us to spray upside down. They really made it for our area down there. And here’s another impressive thing about HH Odor Soothing Spray. As I’ve mentioned, they have five fragrances to choose from. Let me tell you about them: 🌿Woody – Ito parang nature-smell-like fragrance. Amoy natural, organic, aromatic and refreshing. 🌷Fresh Floral – Ito naman talagang pinanindigan ang pangalan niya. Amoy flowers, very feminine, soft, and subtly sweet. 🫐Black Currant – Ito naman fruity smell na parang may blend of berries. It’s sweet, musky, and tangy. 🍭Sweet Lychee – Ito naman parang fruity-like. Kagaya ng lychee meron siyang citrus, at fresh smell. Amoy pang mayaman! 🍊Citrus Cool – Ito ‘yong favorite scent ko. It definitely lives up to its name for having a citrus smell but also has this cooling effect that I love That’s it! Sana madami kayong natutunan sa ating blog at hopefully subukan niyo na rin ang H&H Herb and Health. Tandaan, kung paano natin alagaan ang ating mukha, ganoon din dapat o mas higit pa na alagaan ang ating intimate are.     
Many people have the wrong concept of having a fairer intimate part than what they observed. Asians tend to have more melanin than westerns, the differences of genes and hormones will lead to different darkness of pigmentation. Apart from genes and hormones, there are few bad habits we have in our daily life that worsen pigmentation. Although having great feminine care can help with the problem but we can drop those bad habits to get better results with half the effort! 1. Excessive Friction Friction is the biggest cause of pigmentation. Tight pants can be too suffocating for the intimate area, it will cause friction between the skin and fabric constantly. The towel you use should be soft and skin-friendly too. Lady part is very delicate, so wipe her with gentle to prevent irritates! 2. Sweat You all know the Philippines has hot and humid weather, your intimate part also sweat you do! Sweat will increase melanin production which affects the skin tone in your intimate part. This is why you should change your clothes with breathable fabric right after you had a lot of sweat! 3. Shaving To keep yourself fresh and looking great in swimsuits, most of you shave by yourself. But do you know, shaving with the incorrect method will cause stretch between skin and hair follicles? The irritation of hurting the skin can cause pigmentation! Girls, please leave the shaving job to the professional ones. 4. Over-cleaning Proper cleaning for the intimate area is important, it keeps you hygienic and prevents fishy odor. But some will over-clean it or rub it vigorously, those actions will weaken the protection of the intimate area, which will easier to get pigmentation after frictions.  5. Long-sitting Sitting too much will pressure your intimate area, having a bad blood circulation that will cause your butt and intimate have pigmentation! Other than that, an infection might also be induced under the slurpy environment. HOW PIGMENTATION FADE Other than avoiding the mentioned actions, you can also use a specialized feminine care product to help you ease the pigmentation. Choose wisely when it comes to body care especially is for our intimate part! HH Whitening Serum is specially designed for easing pigmentation on the lady part! It aims to whiten, moisturize and rejuvenate skin. The added high concentration whitening formula– Ester-C helps to tone the skin and ease the pigmentation! They also use aloe vera extract, keratin, hyaluronic acid, and more moisturizing ingredients to lock the moisture of the skin. This small bottle of serum also contains 2 SEDERMA firming agents from France. They can rejuvenate the elasticity of the skin, gives deep care to your intimate part. Makes you smell good is also important! HH hired ISPICA perfumer to modulate the scent from 9 natural essential oils instead of using chemical fragrance! Apply once a day after your shower, you will see the differences! HH Whitening Serum is what you need for fighting pigmentation not just on the intimate part, use on any body part where you want to ease the pigmentation! Best care for you and your intimate part, be confident and spread your charm with HH❤️ ⇊Order Here⇊     
Summer is such a love and hate weather to all the girls out there. Love to have a summer outfit to express charm but hate the hot and humid weather that makes me have embarrassing moments! Do you meet these problems as I do? 1. Make-up Separation/ Cakey Wearing a mask with make-up under this weather is such a disaster. You will have sweat mixing with makeup under your mask that ruins your mood! Besides putting a hydration mask before makeup, setting spray is also the best kit you can have! You can use setting spray on your beauty blender to keep the foundation stays in place and also after your last makeup steps! 2. Sweat Stain Have you experienced having a sweat stain on your armpit that makes you so embarrassed to raise your hand? Wear breathable clothing like cotton or linen! The fabrics are breathable and wicks sweat, which can avoid those embarrassing moments! Antiperspirant is also a good choice but I suggest you choose wisely with the ingredients in it to prevent blocking your sweat glands. 3. Bad Odor Down There Other than the affection by lifestyle, your intimate part will also have a chance of getting bad odor and bacterial under the slurpy environment! So, having good hygiene care for the intimate part is very important that will save you from vagina infections! Keep your intimate part hygiene and refresh is the basic care for your vagina health with specialized feminine wash and soothing spray. They will both keep you fresh and clean! Using the natural HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash will be your best choice! The government-proved antibacterial formula (Quarternium-73) and the mild-acidity formula will provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your vagina! In the meantime, the variety of natural plant extracts keeps your skin smooth and moisturize. The addition of fish mint also has an excellent deodorization and goes with the 3 specialized scents made from natural essential oil! You will experience a whole new level of relaxation and refreshment with the scents of Citrus Cool, Fresh Floral, or Woody. Especially the cooling sensation formula added in Citrus Cool scent that will give you a comfy aircon-like sensation to your intimate part! After your daily care, HH Soothing Spray will be your best partner on your dates! It also contains a mild-acidity formula, natural plant extracts, and scents made from natural essential oil. It has 5 designed scents and with a small and exquisite packaging to keep your intimate part refresh and smell good. Here is briefly introductions for the scents: 🍊Citrus Cool- Citrusy & Cooling effect 🌸Fresh Floral- Herbal & Flowery 🌲Woody- Neutral & Calm 🍒Sweet Lychee- Lovely & Sweet 🍇Blackcurrant- Fruity & Neutral Have no worries about difficulties in using the 360° inverted nozzle head no matter where you are!    It may be small but perfect for you in every detail! And all HH products are no added with irritating substances like Paraben, SLS, SLES, alcohol, artificial color, or chemical fragrance! That makes them are suitable for all different skin types with our non-stimulating ingredients! HH will give your intimate part natural and gentle care!