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Wait! Don't eat that. That food is giving you an awful smell down there!   It is natural for girls to want to smell great, of course, includes down there! Here are some foods you might get surprised since they made your vagina smells….. BAD! 1. Asparagus Did you notice that your urine smells bad after having asparagus? It’s because asparagus will break down into sulfur-containing substances when your body is digesting it! And it is known as volatile gas, this is why they take on a stronger scent! Studies show this gas will leads to body fluids with an unpleasant smell.   2. Mushrooms Mushrooms protect the digestive system with the polysaccharide in them. They combine with body water easily and cause the bad scent to linger in your body. So, if you are a mushroom lover, that might be why you are suffering from secretion with odor.   3. Spices I bet you will often find a strong scent from Middle Eastern people because spices are one of their daily food! A foreign blogger once said, she gets a different smell during intercourse just because she had curry during dinner! Curry and heavily spiced foods can cause discharges with a distinct smell too.     4. Red Meat I know you might be surprised by this! Me too, meat lover here! Sari Locker, a sexual expert from Columbia University, stated your intimate area will taste salty and bad body odor with consuming meat. I just realize how much red meat I have consumed in a day!   5. Coffee Your ph level changes when consuming your favorite daily beverage – Coffee, especially before work! But do you know the acidity of coffee will also change the ph level of your intimate area? Sexual expert, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly points out her patients suffer from bitterness odor in the intimate part causes by caffeine and smoking.    Seems like everyone has to watch out for the food I’ve mentioned up there! Though people have different lifestyles and body constitutions if you want to smells good, less consumption of the listed food will help!    It’s time for some “makes you smell good” food time! I am going to tell you, WHAT and HOW to keep your intimate area having a pleasant and adequate scent. 1. Acidic fruits (pineapple, oranges, etc) I believe much of you have heard of pineapple will make your intimate area smells good! Citrus fruits also do! The theory is similar to coffee which changes your ph level, pineapple is rich in vitamins and antibacterial which helps to maintain a mild acidity environment for the intimate area.   2. Celery This food draws a clear demarcation between whom or what to hate or love. However, celery contains lots of vitamins and is known as high moisturizing food that helps to ease the bitterness down there!   3. Yogurt That’s right! Probiotics are well-known bacteria that help to resist bad bacteria, strengthen protection to avoid discharge and odor for the intimate part! Got another reason to eat yogurt!    4. Water Water is 60% of an adult human, so be hydrated anytime! Water improves body circulation and also body odor!   These are diet tips to make improvements on how it smells down there! Besides that, wearing breathable and less tight pants also helps a lot, while HH odor soothing spray can also keep intimate skin healthy and smells good all day long! #HHFeminineOdorSoothingSpray They added lactic acid, yeast extract, yogurt extract (exactly what I’ve mentioned up there!!) in this little bottle. Up to 4-5 probiotics help maintain a healthy ph level for your vagina! Other than the probiotics, they provide deodorize ingredients-natural essential oils! Several choices of scents for you to pick the perfect one!   Citrus Cool– Comfortable cooling sensation with a refreshing citrus scent Woody– Neutral woody aroma for ones who enjoy white musk and sandalwood scents! Fresh Floral: Slightly neutral herbal floral scent, neroli as base notes, low-key but comfort Sweet Lychee: Sweet lychee scent, a lovely fruity note Black Currant: If you prefer a fruity but neutral tone, try this, with a light berry scent! The compact design allows you to bring it along in your small bag! Perfect resolution to release itchiness discomfort and odor when you are out just with few sprays! Spray whenever you are eeling itchiness, unpleasant odor. You can use it before intimacy, after the toilet, after the spa, after exercise, anywhere and anytime! Easy to apply with just a few sprays on your intimate skin, panties, or even sanitary pads! You can also let it set on to absorb for a while and use a tissue to wipe away access water! Using this odor soothing spray along with your daily diet, I believe you are just one step away from smells perfect all day long!    <<Get yours now!
Stop doing this when he is about to… A perfect date on a romantic night, and just when you are having a wonderful moment. But he is not turn on and you just have to let him go…  Never do these when your man is about to have some fun! 1. Talk about daily life "Can't we have that for breakfast tomorrow?"  "Do you know what my member did today, she is unbelievable" I know it's been a tiring day busy with every little thing in life, but honey, not at this moment! Your man will be out of the mood just in seconds after hearing those words.  "Maybe talk about this later!"  "When is this ending?"  So, girls, please have that chit-chat time after your sex okay? Intimate time should be enjoyed at the moment.  (Or something flirty, that's what man wants rather than 'how's my day" topic) 2. Fake reactions Faking it? You thought you will get an Oscar for it? Men are sensitive to voices and facial expressions. They are not a dozy fool you can fool with, he didn't say anything but it doesn't mean he wasn't looking! Unnatural facial expressions and voices will make your man lose interest. This will ruin your wonderful night thoroughly, trust me! 3. Unpleasant odor You wouldn't want to break the fantasy of your man since you always smell good. Besides, man is a visual animal, how you smell is also very important to them. Any bad odor or blood scent might scare your man away from you! Do not get me wrong, if he still turned on when you are having some odor down there, that is true love!  Girls, take good care of your feminine hygiene! What I mean by TAKING GOOD CARE is from intimate cleansing to intimate care! Recommending you the feminine hygiene products which special design for intimate skin: #HH Plant Extraction Antibacterial Feminine Wash Adding lactic acid, sodium lactate, yeast extract, and yogurt extract to help maintain your intimate area at a healthy ph level and avoid discomfort and odor causes by imbalance ph level. There is also a Taiwan Government approved antibacterial ingredient – Quarternium-73. Recognize by SGS test, proved 99.9% antibacterial and helps maintain a healthy environment to intimate skin. They have several scents but today only going to talk about 3 of them: Citrus cool/ Woody/ Fresh Floral If you like a neutral calm scent you will love Woody scent. It has a comfortable relaxing sandalwood scent as if you are in a forest. The citrus cool is very suitable for girls who are very active and lovely! This scent has an exclusive cooling sensation formula, the perfect item for hot days. Fresh floral is recommend to cute and sweet girls, the light notes of neroli will amaze your man. Every scent is made out of natural essential oil, that's why it has top, middle, and base notes just like the fragrance from chemical fragrance! Besides the basic cleaning of the intimate part, you might be thinking… How am I supposed to clean my intimate part gently when I'm in a rush? Don't worry, you will need Odor Soothing Spray! They also come with a deodorization formula, eliminate bad odor then give a splendid scent with 8-10 natural essential oils, various scents for you to pick the perfect one! With the 3-5 types of mild-acidity formula and the aromatic natural essential oils, it's gonna maximize your charm! Citrus Cool is added with the cooling sensation formula, make you refresh and cool all day! When? After intimacy, toilet, spa, WHENEVER! Maintaining the health of your vagina's pH level in few sprays! That's all tips I can give you all! Girls, remember what I've said, you won't let him get away with these tips! Order Here>>  
Still believing in there is no difference after the light goes off?  Men are well known as visual animals. But that is a different story with the lights off. Some people might think a full set of lingerie or bikini waxed is the most important point. That is just you comforting your insecurity. It’s time to listen to the man, what they think while in bed.  A: The smell gets so obvious when the light’s off. And sometimes strong odor can turn me off. Will scent affect intercourse? Keep yourself fresh and smells good at every moment, even if are in bed. You will never know what’s going to happen next! Indeed, good vibes play an important role, and most men agreed that good vibes will trigger their sexuality. But when the darkness takes away your sight, the other sense organs will get more sensitive! It is easier for men to notice the smell. Turns out how you smell is one of the key factors that men care about the most! This will be frustrated if both of you are enjoying it and your lover gets turn off just because of the odor. It is awkward to tell you but he is not in the mood anymore. From this point, we can know taking good care of your intimate part is important! Besides daily cleaning, odor soothing spray can help to keep your intimate area fresh and clean anywhere, any time. HH Odor Soothing Spray has 5 natural scents. The addition of natural plant extracts can make your intimate skin moisturized, prevent roughness, restore suppleness! You can bring it along with you anywhere with its excellent hand-sized design! Perfect solution for you to deal with any unplanned situation. Just a few pumps, say bye to itchiness, unpleasant odor, and sultry discomfort.   #SweetFruityScent, Many men's favorite scents! If you love sweet notes, citrus cool, fresh floral, and sweet lychee scents are your first choice! Especially for citrus cool which is designed with a refreshing cooling sensation formula that relieves sweatiness and discomfort in your intimate area! There are also woody and flowery notes like woody and blackcurrant scents. If you are worried about getting an irritation by using HH odor soothing spray, don’t worry! This spray is formulated in excluding paraben, alcohol, chemical fragrance, and artificial colors! HH giving you the best gentle care. B:The dryness down there can also turn me off! I know I can last longer than that!  Keep it nice and juicy is the key to success! Winning his heart with your attractivity is so easy. If you thought taking good care of your odor down there means everything is going to be perfect? Let the men tell you that’s still a NO-NO. When you about to get into the mood, “What?! It’s so dry! Got stuck in there, waste of time! I am almost there!” Odor soothing spray is only considered as part of the basic cleansing routine. Just like we put on skincare after washing our face, your intimate part also needs specialized skincare! The whitening serum is what you need! The comfort citrus scent by natural essential oil is very therapeutic! And it also added natural plant extract that can keep your intimate part moisturized! The high concentration of ester-c in the product is super effective in whitening. Happy to be moist, juicy, and smells awesome just like a honey peach. The watery texture can be applied easily and feel gentle! Surprisingly, you will feel it not just lock in moisture, it will also ease your pigmentation like never before! We always take good care of our face but leave out the intimate skin! Don’t do that. Don’t discover the problems while you are having a good time! That will be too late till the odor and touch ruin your happy sex life! 
Self-care is caring for yourself physically and mentally, while self-love is about embracing and showing kindness to yourself. You should start doing both. Though self-care and self-love may be similar, they show different concepts of “self”. Self-care is anything that you do for yourself that feels nourishing, which can be something that’s relaxing or calming, or it can be something that is intellectual, spiritual, or physical. — Marni Amsellem, PhD, a licensed psychologist. There are tons of ways to take care of yourself. Watching a movie after work, hanging out with friends, reading books, exercising, having facial treatment, or getting a massage, are how you can do to relax and renew yourself. As a feminine brand, we also insist on giving you the most relaxing feeling during your busy life with spa-like aroma feminine products. Self-care should never stop and be for all aspects of yourself. On the other hand, self-love is about acceptance toward yourself, accepting yourself no matter good sides or bad sides. Knowing how to take care of yourself does not mean you know how to love yourself and talk to yourself nicely and positively.   Maybe, here are 3 steps you can start with: 1. Stop comparison, Start a compliment Sometimes, it seems to naturally compare yourself with others. This could at some point not good for you because you might feel less confident when seeing someone is doing better than you. Well, girls, you should stop it and start to see the best sides of yourself. Take a list and write down what do you think that you are proud of yourself!   2. Allow mistakes No one is perfect. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Embrace yourself including those mistakes. We learn so we grow. The mistakes can achieve a better you. So, never let past faults hold back your future, never reject to make mistakes.   3. Look Inside, Not Just Outside Your appearance does not tell all about you. Be kind to yourself and others and let your beautiful mind speak for you. Do whatever you want to make yourself comfortable, relaxing, and happy. When you are happy, the people with you are also the happy ones.
Women should be shameless of their vaginas and vulvas. One of HH's brand purpose is to break vagina and vulva taboos so women can live the life they want without fear or shame. Through these years, HH has been trying to educate and help break the taboos around women’s intimate areas. They should not be holding us back. It is also the main reason why we started to write blog posts. Starting from the first day we start selling feminine hygiene products in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, from time to time, we received messages from some shy customers. They were facing problems in the intimate area, but they would not want to go to the gynecologist.  Are you one of them? If not, you are the best! If yes, let us practice how to overcome anxiety about a gynecologist visit. It is a problem all women should get over it. Here are 5 things we’d recommend to make the whole thing less daunting.  1. Get a mirror and start to know yourself This may seem a little weird, but the better you know your own body, the more empowered you’ll be. The main reason why going to the gynecologist is scary is because they hold all this knowledge that you don’t. Get a mirror and try taking a look around. Get yourself a speculum and maybe feel the inside with your fingers gently. 2. Love your lady part There is no need to be embarrassed by your body part; they are beautiful in all ways. Learn to understand them and love them. Try to have happy, positive thoughts about your body, especially your genitals. 3. Find a doctor who is highly recommended Ask for a great gynecologist recommendation among your friends and family and go to her. When we say her, we really do mean her — having someone who will not inadvertently make you feel even more self-conscious while your pants are off will make you feel much better. 4. Have a close friend or family member be your wing woman Ask for help if you need one. Make the appointment for a time they can come along with you. If you’re really scared, then have them come into the exam room with you. Have them hold your hand, make eye contact with you and distract you with small talk during the exam. 5. Tell your gynecologist you’re nervous. If she knows you’re nervous, she can make a special effort to talk you through what she’s doing as she’s doing it. The best gynecologists do this as a matter of course. Now you know what to do before a gynecologist visit if you are a little afraid of it. Message us if you have any questions for us. Do not be shy. You can do it.