Products in “good scent” are very common to see in our daily life, in skincare, beauty products, or even household cleaning products. But do you know where did the good scent come from? I can tell you they are mostly from chemical fragrances. It's important to know more about chemical fragrance since it occupies your daily life so much!

Know the differences between natural essential oil and chemical fragrance

Natural essential oil is well known for comforting our mental tension, purifying the air, and other medicinal values, so it is often be used in SPA or aromatherapy. It is the extraction from the different parts of the plant. However, the chemical fragrance is made of various chemicals which come from petroleum or crude oil that produce the desired scent and it ONLY gives scent.

The color of natural essential oil will mostly be transparent, yellowish, or brown; the color/scent slightly changes in different seasons or temperatures. We can often see the clear price differences of the products made by natural essential oil and chemical fragrance. That is because the raw materials that use chemical fragrance in manufacturing products are way cheaper than using natural essential oil.

Why should we avoid using chemical fragrances?

Serious Diseases

About 95% of the chemical fragrances on the market are made from "petroleum", which contains lots of toxic chemicals that can link to cancer. The chemical fragrance includes hormone-disrupting phthalates, it will also lead to birth defects and central nervous system systemic diseases under long-term use.

Breathing Difficulties

For those who have asthma, you need to be more careful with the chemical fragrance. As it can cause worsen or induce your asthma with the chemical in it. Some kids or people having sensitive respiratory tracts can be caught breathing difficulties while they are exposed to chemical fragrances.

Allergic/ irritation reactions

Some studies point out that the chemical fragrance in skincare is mostly the main reason for you to get allergic or irritation reactions! The stimulating ingredients will decrease the self-repair ability, this will affect most people with sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, or rosacea dermatitis.

This is the reason HH has been insisting on using over 20 natural essential oils in HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash and Odor Soothing Spray despite its high price as the ingredients. HH wants to fully use the benefits of natural essential oils in our product- skin-friendly, relaxing aromatic scent and several medicinal uses(moisturize, anti-inflammatory, deodorize). 

To satisfy our customers with their preference scent, HH specially invited the ISIPCA perfumer to modulate our scents of the HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash and Odor Soothing Spray with the natural essential oils.

HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash:

It contains the antibacterial formula (Quarternium-73) and mild acidity formula that keeps your intimate area clean and pH balanced! And the special added cooling sensation formula on the scent Citrus Cool, you will experience a whole new world of refreshing with it during hot days!


Odor Soothing Spray:

It has 3 the same scents as HH Antibacterial Feminine Wash with another extra 2 scents.  This will definitely be your best friend when you are out for dates with its compact and special inverted nozzle. Keep yourself smells good and extra care for your intimate part even you are not at home!

Besides using natural essential oils, HH also insists on using natural plant extract for moisturizing, antiinflammatory, and soothe discomfort. And does not use stimulating ingredients such as Paraben, SLS, SLES, alcohol, or soap! HH aims to give the most natural care and love to every woman, we believe feminine care is also a form of self-love! Taking good care of your body is important too, don't forget to pamper yourself 💖