Still believing in there is no difference after the light goes off? 

Men are well known as visual animals. But that is a different story with the lights off. Some people might think a full set of lingerie or bikini waxed is the most important point. That is just you comforting your insecurity. It’s time to listen to the man, what they think while in bed. 

A: The smell gets so obvious when the light’s off. 

Will scent affect intercourse? Keep yourself fresh and smells good at every moment, even if are in bed. You will never know what’s going to happen next! When the darkness takes away your sight, the other sens will get more sensitive! It is easier for men to notice the smell. Turns out how you smell is one of the key factors that men care about the most!

From this point, we can know taking good care of your intimate part is important! Besides daily cleaning, odor soothing spray can help to keep your intimate area fresh and clean anywhere, any time. HH Odor Soothing Spray has 5 natural scents. The addition of natural plant extracts can make your intimate skin moisturized, prevent roughness, restore suppleness!

You can bring it along with you anywhere with its excellent hand-sized design! Perfect solution for you to deal with any unplanned situation. Just a few pumps, say bye to itchiness, unpleasant odor, and sultry discomfort.  

#SweetFruityScent, Many men's favorite scents!

If you love sweet notes, citrus cool, fresh floral, and sweet lychee scents are your first choice! Especially for citrus cool which is designed with a refreshing cooling sensation formula that relieves sweatiness and discomfort in your intimate area! There are also woody and flowery notes like woody and blackcurrant scents.

If you are worried about getting an irritation by using HH odor soothing spray, don’t worry! This spray is formulated in excluding paraben, alcohol, chemical fragrance, and artificial colors! HH giving you the best gentle care.

B:The dryness down there is also another problem! I know I can last longer than that! 

Keep it nice and juicy is the key! 

If you thought taking good care of your odor down there means everything is going to be perfect? Let the men tell you that’s still a NO-NO.

Odor soothing spray is only considered as part of the basic cleansing routine. Just like we put on skincare after washing our face, your intimate part also needs specialized skincare! The whitening serum is what you need! The comfort citrus scent by natural essential oil is very therapeutic!

And it also added natural plant extract that can keep your intimate part moisturized! The high concentration of ester-c in the product is super effective in whitening. Happy to be moist, juicy, and smells awesome just like a honey peach.

The watery texture can be applied easily and feel gentle! Surprisingly, you will feel it not just lock in moisture, it will also ease your pigmentation like never before!

We always take good care of our face but leave out the intimate skin! Don’t do that. Don’t discover the problems while you are having a good time! That will be too late till the odor and touch ruin your happy sex life!