Stop doing this when he is about to…

A perfect date on a romantic night, and just when you are having a wonderful moment. He left… 
Never do these when your man is about to have some fun!

1. Talk about daily life

"Can't we have that for breakfast tomorrow?"  "Do you know what my member did today, she is unbelievable"

I know it's been a tiring day busy with every little thing in life, but honey, not at this moment! Your man will be out of the mood just in seconds after hearing those words. 

"Maybe talk about this later!"  "When is this ending?" 

So, girls, please have that chit-chat time another okay? Intimate time should be enjoyed at the moment.  

2. Fake reactions

Faking it? You thought you will get an Oscar for it? Men are sensitive to voices and facial expressions. Unnatural facial expressions and voices will make your man lose interest.

This will ruin your wonderful night thoroughly, trust me!

3. Unpleasant odor

You wouldn't want to break the fantasy of your man that you always smell good. How you smell is also very important to them. Any bad odor or blood scent might scare your man away from you! 

Girls, take good care of your feminine hygiene! What I mean by TAKING GOOD CARE is from intimate cleansing to intimate care! Recommending you the feminine hygiene products which special design for intimate skin:

#HH Plant Extraction Antibacterial Feminine Wash

Adding lactic acid, sodium lactate, yeast extract, and yogurt extract to help maintain your intimate area at a healthy ph level and avoid discomfort and odor causes by imbalance ph level. There is also a Taiwan Government approved antibacterial ingredient – Quarternium-73. Recognize by SGS test, proved 99.9% antibacterial and helps maintain a healthy environment to intimate skin.

They have several scents but today only going to talk about 3 of them: Citrus cool/ Woody/ Fresh Floral

If you like a neutral calm scent you will love Woody scent. It has a comfortable relaxing sandalwood scent as if you are in a forest. The citrus cool is very suitable for girls who are very active and lovely! This scent has an exclusive cooling sensation formula, the perfect item for hot days. Fresh floral is recommend to cute and sweet girls, the light notes of neroli will amaze your man.

Every scent is made out of natural essential oil, that's why it has top, middle, and base notes just like the fragrance from chemical fragrance!

Besides the basic cleaning of the intimate part, you might be thinking… How am I supposed to clean my intimate part gently when I'm in a rush? Don't worry, you will need Odor Soothing SprayThey also come with a deodorization formula, eliminate bad odor then give a splendid scent with 8-10 natural essential oils, various scents for you to pick the perfect one!

With the 3-5 types of mild-acidity formula and the aromatic natural essential oils, it's gonna maximize your charm! Citrus Cool is added with the cooling sensation formula, make you refresh and cool all day! When? After intimacy, toilet, spa, WHENEVER! Maintaining the health of your vagina's pH level in few sprays!

That's all tips I can give you all! Girls, remember what I've said, you won't let him get away with these tips!