Wait! Don't eat that. That food is giving you an awful smell down there!  

It is natural for girls to want to smell great, of course, includes down there!
Here are some foods you might get surprised since they made your vagina smells….. BAD!

1. Asparagus

Did you notice that your urine smells bad after having asparagus? It’s because asparagus will break down into sulfur-containing substances when your body is digesting it! And it is known as volatile gas, this is why they take on a stronger scent! Studies show this gas will leads to body fluids with an unpleasant smell.
2. Mushrooms
Mushrooms protect the digestive system with the polysaccharide in them. They combine with body water easily and cause the bad scent to linger in your body. So, if you are a mushroom lover, that might be why you are suffering from secretion with odor.
3. Spices
I bet you will often find a strong scent from Middle Eastern people because spices are one of their daily food! A foreign blogger once said, she gets a different smell during intercourse just because she had curry during dinner! Curry and heavily spiced foods can cause discharges with a distinct smell too.




4. Red Meat
I know you might be surprised by this! Me too, meat lover here! Sari Locker, a sexual expert from Columbia University, stated your intimate area will taste salty and bad body odor with consuming meat. I just realize how much red meat I have consumed in a day!
5. Coffee
Your ph level changes when consuming your favorite daily beverage – Coffee, especially before work! But do you know the acidity of coffee will also change the ph level of your intimate area? Sexual expert, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly points out her patients suffer from bitterness odor in the intimate part causes by caffeine and smoking. 
Seems like everyone has to watch out for the food I’ve mentioned up there! Though people have different lifestyles and body constitutions if you want to smells good, less consumption of the listed food will help! 
It’s time for some makes you smell good food time! I am going to tell you, WHAT and HOW to keep your intimate area having a pleasant and adequate scent.
1. Acidic fruits (pineapple, oranges, etc)
I believe much of you have heard of pineapple will make your intimate area smells good! Citrus fruits also do! The theory is similar to coffee which changes your ph level, pineapple is rich in vitamins and antibacterial which helps to maintain a mild acidity environment for the intimate area.
2. Celery
This food draws a clear demarcation between whom or what to hate or love. However, celery contains lots of vitamins and is known as high moisturizing food that helps to ease the bitterness down there!
3. Yogurt
That’s right! Probiotics are well-known bacteria that help to resist bad bacteria, strengthen protection to avoid discharge and odor for the intimate part! Got another reason to eat yogurt! 
4. Water
Water is 60% of an adult human, so be hydrated anytime! Water improves body circulation and also body odor!
These are diet tips to make improvements on how it smells down there!
Besides that, wearing breathable and less tight pants also helps a lot, while HH odor soothing spray can also keep intimate skin healthy and smells good all day long!


They added lactic acid, yeast extract, yogurt extract (exactly what I’ve mentioned up there!!) in this little bottle. Up to 4-5 probiotics help maintain a healthy ph level for your vagina!

Other than the probiotics, they provide deodorize ingredients-natural essential oils! Several choices of scents for you to pick the perfect one!
Citrus Cool– Comfortable cooling sensation with a refreshing citrus scent

Woody– Neutral woody aroma for ones who enjoy white musk and sandalwood scents!

Fresh Floral: Slightly neutral herbal floral scent, neroli as base notes, low-key but comfort

Sweet Lychee: Sweet lychee scent, a lovely fruity note

Black Currant: If you prefer a fruity but neutral tone, try this, with a light berry scent!

The compact design allows you to bring it along in your small bag! Perfect resolution to release itchiness discomfort and odor when you are out just with few sprays! Spray whenever you are eeling itchiness, unpleasant odor. You can use it before intimacy, after the toilet, after the spa, after exercise, anywhere and anytime!

Easy to apply with just a few sprays on your intimate skin, panties, or even sanitary pads! You can also let it set on to absorb for a while and use a tissue to wipe away access water!

Using this odor soothing spray along with your daily diet, I believe you are just one step away from smells perfect all day long!